Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

New Guess The Flower Contest

Take a look at the profile picture for Little Diva's facebook page. It is the new guess the flower contest for this week. There a few new rules for this week. You have to be a blog follower and be a facebook follower in addition to naming ALL the types of flowers in the bouquet. The first person to email me your answer, will win a hair accessory set at littledivabowtiquellc@yahoo.com. Happy guessing!

Just a little update:
The school year is in full swing so I do most of my business on the weekends as I am a teacher during the week. I am trying to do more posts during the week but it can be sometimes difficult. Please keep a  watchful eye on my upcoming events as I have my newest items at shows.

A big thank you needs to go out to DeDa Studios!! I am very thankful for meeting them almost a year ago. They help me out when I am unable to do giveaways and post things for me. Be watching their page carefully as you will see numerous of Little Diva items in their contests and free giveaways:) They make cool items out of recycled bottles. If you have any extra bottles, I would love them to give to them. If you have a bottle that you want something made out of, they do custom orders as well. Also, you can't forget about the smelly jellies. They are a safe and green room deodorizer. Keep one in your car, classsroom, closet or desk drawer.

Little Diva Bowtique and DeDa Studios are teaming up this spring and summer at many of the craft fairs!! Check out the new schedule just posted.

Do you know of someone that is a crafter? I would love to hear about their successes and their products. I am always looking to promote local businesses:)

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