Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it is time to move out with the old and make room for the new.

Spring Daisy Without Clips $1 each
I have an enormous amount of flowers without clips that I use to make my flowers that I didn't realize how much I had. I am selling all of the flowers without clips for $1 a piece. Attached are all of my colors that I have available in the Spring Daisy flowers. I have a bunch of each color if you are interested.

Please take a look at my new profile pic. The guess the flower contest is again in full swing. New rules for the new year. It will be done at least once a week. You need to be a blog follower and have liked my facebook page before you post your guess. The first person to EMAIL me your guess will win a clip of my choice but depending on my mood, it may be your choice:) It is easier to keep track rather than Facebook.


Guess the Flower Contest 1/2/12
All of my clips on my website : are all $3. My new creations on Facebook any my blog will have their prices listed. I am working on trying to clean up all of the photos in those locations.

Be looking for the 2012 "1000" Likes Facebook Giveaway Contest for a free tutu later tonight as well!!

Ring in the New Year with FREE hair accessories for your little one:)

Happy Guessing!

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