Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boogie Wipe Giveaway!!

Boogie wipes are an all natural way to keep your children's boogies away. They are easy on their skin and also are all natural. Kids love the smell and how they feel on their skin. Be a part of Little Diva's giveaway and have an opportunity to receive FREE goodies by being a part of the boogie bunch. Take the SAVE THE SLEEVE pledge. Be sure to follow boogie wipes on the web to be a part of the fun! Once you start using boogie wipes, you won't be able to stop!!

How to Enter
1. Share Little Diva's blog on your Facebook page with a friend.

2. Like Little Diva's Facebook Page

3. You and your friend become Little Diva's blog followers.

4. Comment on Little Diva's blog that you completed steps one through four with your friend's name.

After all steps have been completed, your name will be entered into a drawing using rafflecopter. If you refer more than one person that also follows all of the steps, you will receive multiple entries. 


Be looking for more contests soon. Boogie wipes LOVES to give away items!

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In addition you can visit our website at and also join our Boogie Bunch here -

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